Have you ever compared different detergents?
Who washes whiter is the same question that adv agencies's customers asks. Why?

Because agencies are exactly like detergents. Same white, same chemical elements, similar pack, different price.

So, how choose a detergent? Choosing the one recommended by friends, the one with the most beautiful pack, the one that has invested more in advertising, the one with the "best" components, or one that costs less? And yet, I should pick the one that washes better.

Friend's advice.
Well, there are not many things to add. Friend's advices, are always a good tool to choose detergent and also agency. But also to choose dentist or lawyer. The problem is that sooner or later the friends have nothing to suggest, and sometimes, friends end up!

You know the pack of detergents? Are or not dramatically all too similar? Measuring cap, "rainbow" label ", comfortable handle even for those has giant hands. And the labels? Same colors, image of soft fabrics and fluffy (I must have always wrong the washing type...), no, choice can't fall back on a spherical or cylindrical cap!

This is perhaps the easiest argument, if you bombed all day with commercials, showing a soft bear or a speaking man to soak, a funny comic (I can't remember anything more, maybe I'm not in target) probably it will help the your choice once I arrived in front of the super shelf dedicated to detergents.
But the investment will returns?

Tensioactives, brighteners, additives for water hardness, enzymes, preservatives, fragrances, stabilizers and adjuvants. Clearly, all this mixed differently between Bio detergents and aggressive cleaning agents.
It wash better with Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate or with Coconut Amidopropyl Bethany Who knows, but certainly one pollutes more ...

Well, it is almost useless to talk about it, maybe it could cost a little 'less because he hasn't spent a lot with advertising, but if it too cheap, the risk of find clothes still dirty and shrunks (I can do it even with expensive detergents...)

And the agencies? What is the difference between them? People? But people are today here, tomorrow there. Which have different positioning of each other? And I'm speaking of placements (and expertises) real and different. Advertising? Yes ok, I remember once an agency that has advertised itself with outdoor 6x3 ... but I doubt servant.
The lowest price? No, I do not want to talk about it, there is Massimo Guastini that it does just fine!
It is the same thing that happens with detergents. Same white, same chemical elements, similar pack, different price. But it's or not more important to choose the one that washes better (always in relation to what I have to wash)?
If it has a cool packaging, won prizes at the festival of detergents, release pheromones on the collar and recognizes by itself colored or delicate garments, better!

By the way, I always add some white vinegar, it's not clear what it does exactly, but it seems to do well with dresses and washing machine.