Can you predict who will be the winning candidate from social media? Maybe not, but it's a fact that where the Republican candidates for the White House are concerned, their online profiles are already in order of position, but be quick - things can change very quickly...



Donald Trump has practically won already. He changes his cover photo depending on what state he's in, it's always glitzy and triumphant, and the word WIN is always in there. A different Facebook cover photo for every city too, while his profile picture stays the same. A close-up that seems to say: "WTF are you looking at?" And for those who have read enough now, I suggest you go here to loosen up.


Ted Cruz has managed to raise over 60 million dollars in funding (so he's got great ability), but on social media (apart from the usual pointless senator and candidate accounts) there he is with a picture that looks like one of those old re-touched photos and an expression that’s more reminiscent of Bill Murray (isn't it incredible!?) than a winner. The same cover photo for both profiles, but a different photo for his Twitter profile, with his hand raised as if to say, "sorry..."



Marco Rubio doesn't seem to quite understand what social media is about. A nice cover photo of him in a grey sweatshirt with his name embroidered on and a large stars and stripes banner in the background. A profile picture of him laughing heartily. Nothing wrong with it, but not much to get to grips with...



John Katich has been a politician his whole life, and it shows. The payoff is in the profile picture and the politician picture used as a cover photo. His time is over, and so is his image, but there's still hope for him, maybe exceed 10%...



Ben Carson, the most fashion-conscious of them. He's invested in a good photographer. Perfect lighting, perfect pose, and perfect post production even. Everything so perfect that it's all uniform throughout. The problem is that it seems to say: "here I am, waiting." And waiting, and waiting, and he's still below 10%.



Bush seems to have made up his mind that it's too hard to try and get the surname Bush installed in the White House for a third run, so he's posted a cover photo that has absolutely nothing right about it, except maybe the fact that his profile picture shows Jeb Bush saluting the Jeb Bush on the cover photo. And he did actually pull out of the race on 20th February.


In conclusion, it would appear that making good use of social media does help in the run-up to the White House elections, so much so that the last person who knew how to use online media properly is now installed in the oval office: Frank Underwood.