Native Advertising is cool, it sounds good, but what it is? Why Native? Right now all we are talking (and writing) about Native and at last IAB Seminar the boredom has pervaded the whole hall, even Montemagno has struggled to keep awake the first rows (except those rare moments with cool interventions out from the crowd). Why? Because it was just a challenge trying to explain "how you shove the content unexpectedly."
But why?

I think unfounded, everything can be translated with a simple concept, instead of complex verbal articulations.

"Advertising bust balls"
Is this discovery of 2015, of which you do not want to give more information in Italian because the US themselves are not yet certain (but more than good!).

We really discovered that advertising, for those who do not earn you the loaf, and as it was conceived in the days of Draper, is a pain in the ass?

Perhaps, the problem to which all (online and offline) seeking an answer (how to see advertising to users?) Is easily solved. No longer called advertising, should not be.

Advertising's concept must be overcome.
I simplify:
Advertising = poo
Communication = contents, interests, tips, solutions
You have to communicate. Talk with people, story tell, enthuse and if we are good, talk.
Brands must try to have a dialogue with people, convey passion, share interests and when people, they will see the other side "the friend" instead of a brand, well then as they say: who finds a friend, finds a treasure.

The Native (though obviously less invasive of a banner or a pre-roll) for now is simply retracing in the footsteps of product placement (by the way, House of Cards it is undisputed champion!
Maybe the Native could be the right way or maybe not, but the only truth is that if the contents are not interesting, new, fresh, creative and above all, in the right context, able to excite, is to appear as a banner between the lines of a recipe; however, breaks the balls. Augh!