I won't listen to anymore an Elton John's song. At least not consciously. (Hard promise to keep ...)

Everything starts from an interview by Domenico Dolce where he said: "I'm not convinced about children of chemistry, synthetic children, rented uterus, seeds selected from a catalog." I don't go ahead with the explanations since the reach of #boycottdolcegabbana are so high as to make me think that everyone knows what I mean.

I don't want to make a speech neither moral nor of opinions, I think it's right that everyone has his own. I think my words have less weight of the words of a VIP and Domenico Dolce should have known, mainly because its interview seemed almost an ideological change (and him is free to do so). But I also think that Elton John should know that one of his tweets produce more engagement of one my ...

Obviously, the expected happens, social network in general and VIP especially, are unleashed:

Even fake VIP Italians start to tweet and are also cited by important newspapers without confirm whether if it's fake or not (unfortunately nothing of new).

All of this will finish in a few days and I do not think sales of Dolce and Gabbana will suffer a collapse, but I think because of an opinion, a thought poorly expressed or bad reported, or even for a totally wrong idea, launch a # campaign to boycott a company that employs more than 4000 people (without considering the spin-off) and worldwide known, is bullshit. So, dear John, you had bullshit. You should run in the first D&G boutique, buying the latest coat (as you can also wear it), get yourself a selfie and post it on all your social networks, because A Little Peace, never hurts.